Belief in Ahura Mazda was extant at the time of Darius I - 521 BCE

Belief in Ahura Mazda was extant at the time of Darius I - 521 BCE


Principal Beliefs

The supreme being, for Zoroastrians, is Ahura Mazda – “the wise Lord”, who created the world and everything in it. Out of respect for creation, many Zoroastrians have a strong ethos of respect for the environment. At the age of 30, Zarathushtra experienced a vision of God and six lesser beings, the “Holy Immortals” (Amesha Spentas) who, he was given to understand, were responsible with God for different aspects of creation.

A cosmic battle continues between the Creator and the destructive spirit Anghra Mainyu, who will ultimately be defeated. Human beings are regarded not as servants but as helpers of God in purging evil from the world by good deeds. Individuals who choose evil will be judged at the end of their lives and join Anghra Mainyu in Hell, but Zoroastrianism is optimistic, believing that Ahura Mazda will eventually triumph over all evil.

This religion does not seek converts. Indeed, many Zoroastrians believe that every soul chooses to be born to parents of the right faith for its own journey, in which case conversion would be an insult to God!


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